Borehole Geophysical Tools Testing Installations (UISP)

The 'Special Construction Design Office for Borehole Navigational Tools' is a Joint-Stock Company manufacturing the Borehole Geophysical Tools Testing Installations (UISP) developed to test the tools for hydrostatic pressure and temperature. The UISP target consumers are the geophysical tools manufactures and operators, especially oil and gas and ore companies.

Besides that, the UISP can be used in any industries dealing with similar tasks.



The Borehole Geophysical Tools Testing Installations are designed for testing of borehole surveying tools for hydrostatic pressure and temperature. The tests can be conducted either in a single cycle or for each parameter (pressure, temperature) separately.

The Installations allow for testing of operating devices, modules, and systems. The data output is sent to the personal computer.


Структурная схема УИСП 

Pic.1. Pressure and temperature testing installation for borehole tools

(1 – high pressure chamber; 2 – phase separator; 3 – working fluid reservoir; 4 – high-pressure pump; 5 – tubing; 6 – manometer; 7 – electric heater and temperature sensors)


Basic specifications


  Parametrs   Values
1 Operating volume length in high pressure chamber (HPC) (mm) 3 000 - 14 000
2 Inner diameter of HPC (mm) 100 - 200
3 Temperature measuring and adjustment range in HPC (°С) room temperature to +200
4 Hydrostatic pressure simulation and measuring range in HPC (mPA) 0,1 - 200
5 Pressure and temperature measurement and adjustment errors, not above (%) 1,5
6 HPC working fluid water
7 Adjustment of specified pressure and temperature Automatic
8 Adjustment error, %   temperature, °С ±0,5
pressure, mPA ±2,5
9 Measurement error, %   temperature, °С ±0,25
pressure, mPA ±1,5


Additional specifications

 Measuring and regulation of pressure and temperature parameters are done with the help of universal production equipment furnished with digital readout, set of sensors, and data acquisition facilities.

The data output is sent to the personal computer.

For HPC, there is an air-cooling option to minimize the testing period.

The pressure and temperature sensors are located strategically, to be easily replaceable.

The frontend (operational) HPC shutter design provides connection between the standard heads of the borehole tool being tested and the surface equipment.

The Installation is equipped with one pressure sensor, one manometer, and four temperature sensors.

The Installation has reciprocating phase separator which is connected to the HPC by the high pressure tubing and through the high pressure valve.

The frontend shutter design is customized additionally, depending on the performance specifications received from the Customer.

The Installation is equipped with one phase separator and one pump.

The Installation design allows for heating elements to be changed.

The Installation has remote control and regulation panel which is located in a safe working place. The high pressure pump is placed next to the control and regulation panel.

The control and regulation panel has light indication.

The Installation design ensures personnel safety while using electricity in operation.T

he HPC works with one frontend working shutter; in this case, the HPC backend serves as the dead-end. Both working shutters functioning is possible by agreement with the Customer.


Operational Requirements for Customers Premises

Requirements for the place: the location should be heated, ventilated, placed horizontally. The room should be located on the ground-floor.

The Installation’s HPC is to be placed in a pocket at a shallower angle to the horizontal, in accordance with the construction drawing.

The pocket for HPC installation should be constructed in the brick-laying form, by the Customer, in accordance with the construction drawing prepared by the Provider.

The room, where the Installation is to be placed and operated, should be equipped with canalization, water-supply line, and the 380V three-phase electrical mains with power of no less than 20kW.

Operator’s working area with control panel and high pressure pump should conform to the standard requirements of labor protection, fire safety, and industrial sanitation.

The Installation layout on-site containing the piping and cable lengths should be agreed on separately.


The UISP 6.0 pressure and temperature testing installation for borehole tools configuration diagram

Ориент.схема расп 

All dimensions are the reference ones and should be set in accordance with particular place of operation.

1 – building structure; 2 – working area (while placing and removing the test item); 3 – the pocket (enclosing structural unit of high pressure chamber); 4 – water collection device (tray); 5 – high pressure chamber; 6 – high pressure valve; 7 – water inlet and outlet valve; 8 – MPD sensor; 9 – phase separator; 10 - 11 – operator’s area; 12 – control panel; 13 – electrical cabinet (the placement is up to the Customer); 14 – partition.

Construction drawing draft for UISP

проект строит.чертежа


Базовый комплект поставки

No   Item   Amount   Notes
1 High pressure chamber 1  
2 Phase separator 1  
3 Working fluid reservoir 1  
4 High pressure pump 1  
5 Tubing 1
6 Control panel 1  
7 Air fan with screens 1  

Electrical heater and temperature sensors


9 Manometer 1  
10 Temperature sensors 4  
11 Pressure sensor 1  
12 Computer 1 Personal computer with pre-installed software
13 Spare tools and accessories kit 1


rubber sealing rings – 1 set;

heating element – 1 piece;

signal lamps;

safety pieces – 1 set;

contact elements – 2 sets;

special spanner – 2 pieces;

pins to open shutter – 1 set

14 Software 1 CD
15 Maintenance documentation kit 1  



The Installation comes with the following documentation:

1. Installation’s Passport.

2. Operating Manual containing recommendations for assembling and adjustment; certification procedure and program; the general Installation scheme, electrical and hydraulic diagrams, technical documentation for purchased items.

3. The Installation general layouts. 4. Documentation and certificates related to Installation calibration testing.

5. Test data sheet.

6. Certificate.


Statement of Warranty

When used in accordance with the working, handling, and storage instructions set in the Operating Manual, conformance of UISP pressure and temperature testing installation for borehole tools to its passport technical requirements is guaranteed by Manufacturer.

Guaranteed storage life is 18 months from the date of delivery.

Guaranteed service life is 12 months within the guaranteed storage life from the date of putting into operation.


Post-warranty Service

Manufacturer provides UISP pressure and temperature testing installation for borehole tools with lifetime post-warranty maintenance, including:

- parameters conformance to the technical requirements tests;

- flaw detection in case of failure or discrepancy in requirements;

- scheduled maintenance work;

- repair work; - new software versions supply;

- new modifications supply.

The post-warranty service conditions are determined on contractual terms.


Customer training in operating rules

Throughout UISP pressure and temperature testing installation for borehole tools lifecycle, Manufacturer guarantees customer training in the operating rules, including:

- primary instruction and the stage of commissioning;

- occasional training for new personnel or after changes in specifications and operating procedures.

The training conditions are specified on contractual terms.