Electronic Contract Manufacturing

The SKB PN offers the full range of services, from prototype developing or small order manufacturing up to serial production of modern electronics.


project developing and monitoring;

circuit-board production organizing;

essential component parts purchase and assembling

technical supervision and testing of manufactured electronics.



We accept orders for manufacturing of complex electronics and electronic component parts following customer’s requirements.

Our skills:

 1.        Circuit-boards:

·         RF boards of PTFE materials (Rogers, Taconic, Neltec, Arlon) 1 to 6 layers;

·         of FR4 materials (Isola, Lamitec) 1 to 8 layers;

2. Testing:

·         Optical inspection;

·         electrical monitoring;

·         resistance to power-supply interference;

·         resistance to electromagnetic field;

·         insulation;

·         functionality;

·         vibrations (up to 75g)

·         temperature chamber (-80 °C; +200 °C);

·         thermal photography to expose potentially problem spots.

 Our strength:
 ·         Individual approach to each project

·         accepting orders for one-off customized production;

·         assemblage either with our parts or with the parts supplied by Customer;

·         pricing flexibility, special terms of payment;

·         competitive timescales (with all the parts available and any special requirements absent, a ready-assembled device shipment is due within two weeks);

·         the orders are accepted in every popular file format.

Our Company provides the complete works in modern electronics production,

·         The best devices re-engineering with the use of modern component parts

·         Engineering documentation coordination with the EU industrial production requirements

·         Electronic components selection and ordering from American and European catalogues

·         Single, double-side, and multilayer printed circuit-boards production

·         Component parts assembling

·         Surface mounting

·         Outer component parts installation

·         Structure elements assembling

·         Ready-assembled devices adjustment and alignment

·         Programming work

·         Readjustments

·         Regulation work

·         Calibration

·         Final product testing works

·         Circuit-boards electrical testing prior to assembling

·         Electrical testing of circuit modules

·         Circuit-boards optical control by visual inspection

·         Circuit-boards assembling quality control

·         Fitters work

·         Plug-and-socket connectors assembling

·         Connecting wires assembling

·         Encasing

·         Final product packaging