QUARTZ 32.01 Wireline Logging Magnetometric Survey Tool

The QUARTZ 32.01 wireline logging magnetometric survey tool is designed for hole path measuring in continuous mode and for the point-by-point measuring of borehole inclination angle and magnetic azimuth. This device is to be included into the system of borehole telemetry and navigation and to be used for drilling tool supervision in hole drilling process as well as for path measurement of vertical, slant, horizontal, and upward open hole wells drilled in any type of nonmagnetic rock.

The key feature of this magnetometric wireline survey tool is its high insusceptibility to any metal placed below. That means the device shows no reaction to a steel instrument placed along its axis below measuring detector system, thus leading to reduction of dead area between boring head and measuring system, from 9.5-11.5 m (modern ZTLS-U systems) up to 6.5-8.5 m (the ZTLS-U systems equipped with out wireline survey tools).


 Basic Specifications


  Parameters   Values
1 Variation range   In inclination angle (ang.degree) 0 ... 180
In azimuth (ang.degree) 0 ... 360
In whipstock orientation angle (ang.degree) 0 ... 360
2 Limiting reference errors Of inclination angle (ang.degree) ±0,2
Of azimuth (ang.degree) ±1,5
Of whipstock orientation angle (ang.degree) ±1,5

Borehole tool travel speed in continuous mode surveying, not above (m/sec)

4 Limiting parameters of borehole tool spinning with regard to the roll-axis   Angular velocity, not above (cycles/sec) 0,5
Angular acceleration, not above (cycles/sec2) 0,5

Data communication frequency, no less than (Hz)



 Limiting conditions of operation (for borehole tool):

- working pressure (MPa)

- ambient temperature (°С)



-10 ... +120


 Power consumption from 220V/50Hz mains, not above (W) in 24V ZTLS-u systems (W)



 Weight-Dimension Specifications


  Parameters   Values
1 Measures, not above (mm)   Borehole tool Ø 32 × 1450
Surface tool 250×150×140
Borehole tool working container Ø32×1450
Surface tool bag 250×150×140
2 Масса, кг, не более Borehole tool 4,2
Surface tool 2,3
Borehole tool with working container 8,3
Surface tool with bag 3,7



Equipment Content

Standard Supply Package




  Pcs   Notes

Borehole tool


Standard kit


Surface tool


With connecting cables


Borehole tool working container

1 Aluminum tubus with shoulder strap

Surface tool bag

1 To carry surface tool and additional equipment

Maintenance documentation kit

1 PC, OM (CD copies)


 Software kit


1 CD
7 Spare tools and accessories kit 1 Tear and wear parts and instruments


 Some specifications and equipment parts can be customized.


Statement of Warranty

1. When used in accordance with the working, handling, and storage instructions set in the Operating Manual SHIBN.401233.010-01, conformance of QUARTZ 32.01 magnetometric wireline survey tool to its passport technical requirements is guaranteed by Manufacturer.

2. Guaranteed storage life is 18 months from the date of delivery.

3. Guaranteed service life is 12 months within the guaranteed storage life from the date of putting into operation.


Post-warranty Service

Manufacturer provides QUARTZ 32.01 magnetormetric wireline survey tool with lifetime post-warranty maintenance, including:

- parameters conformance to the technical requirements tests;

- flaw detection in case of failure or discrepancy in requirements;

- scheduled maintenance work;

- repair work;

- new software versions supply;

- new modifications supply.

The post-warranty service conditions are determined on contractual terms.


Customer training in operating rules

Throughout QUARTZ 32.01 magnetometric wireline survey tool lifecycle, Manufacturer guarantees customer training in the operating rules, including:

- primary instruction at the stage of commissioning;

- occasional training for new personnel or after changes in specifications and operating procedures.

The training conditions are specified on contractual terms.


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