Geophysical Equipment

The geophysical and navigational tools manufacturing sector is based on a large amount of research and development projects completed by our Company experts. Among those, we have a number of D.Sc. and Ph.D. degree holders, post-graduate researches, and highly experienced developers.

Gyroscopic Wireline Survey Tools

The oil and gas market of Russia and neighboring countries is well accustomed to the UGI 42 gyroscopic wireline survey tools family developed by the OAO ‘Elektromehanika’ Company. Today, these surveying tools are manufactured by the SKB PN Company. In December of 2010, we have conducted successful delivery trials of MIS 42.80 mobile wireline survey complex produced against the order received from the OAO ‘Kombinat KMAruda’ Company. In addition, the SKB PN Company conducts research and development activities aimed at producing new wireline survey tools that are based on usage of micromechanical sensors.

Magnetometric Wireline Survey Tools

Our Company has developed and continues to produce the magnetometric wireline survey tools family known as 'QUARTZ'. The family includes well-logging and autonomous devices and a magnetometric orientation module designed for working as a part of logging-while-drilling telemetry systems in ongoing drilling conditions. Every device is equipped with triaxial magnetometric sensor developed by the OAO 'Elektromehanika' Company. Besides that, we are developing a navigational magnetometric module with magnetic disturbance compensator. This device will allow improving the measurements accuracy in drilling process and, at the same time, might put stop on using of the expensive nonmagnetic well tubes.