Rotary steerable systems (RSS)

Since 2013, in cooperation with the Kontsern TSNII 'Elektropribor' JS Company, the SKB PN works on development of the Russian rotary steerable system (RSS) based on the ‘Push-the-bit’ principle and designed in compliance with geostationary configuration.


In May 2015, the SKB PN and the Kontsern TSNII 'Elektropribor' have successfully tested the first Russian rotary steerable system (RSS), the RSS 8.75 BS.


In September 2015, in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, the first Russian rotary steerable system RSS 8.75BS was successfully tested in a borehole belonging to the 'Gasprom Neft' JS Company and located in the Vyngapurovskoe production field. The system is developed by two Saint Petersburg joint-stock companies, namely the Special Construction Design Office for Borehole Navigational Tools and the Kontsern TSNII 'Elektropribor'.

The system is to be used in drilling of both slant boreholes and the horizontal ones with inclination from vertical. It is expected that this new device will allow advancing the efficiency of slant borehole drilling. In future, the system can be used in offshore project sites.